How to Use Pool Leak Detection Dye

If you suspect a leak in a pool, you know the urgency in finding the source as quickly as possible. Not only can a leak damage the property it’s on, but it can also wreak havoc on neighboring homes.

To prevent flooding and costly repairs, it’s important to use pool leak detection dye to aid in efficiently identifying the source of the leak.

What Color Pool Dye to Use

The first decision you have to make when choosing pool leak detection dye is finding the right color for the job. Red, yellow, and blue dyes are all used to find pool and spa tub leaks.

Each has its unique applications:

Red dyes – This is the most common choice for standard pools and hot tubs
Yellow dyes – Yellow helps identify leaks in pools with dark painted surfaces
Blue dyes – In lightly colored pools or tubs, it can be easier to see dark blue dye

How Pool Leak Detection Dye Works

Since concentrated pool dye is heavier than water, when it is applied to the area where a leak is suspected, you can see the color get sucked into the crack or fissure. It is best to have the pump off and the pool water settled when performing a dye test. The dye is designed to identify the area and the water movement into a fissure causing the leak. Eventually, the pool dyes will dissipate into the water.

Pool leak detection dyes have a rapid dispersion rate and are food grade to maintain safety in your pool. Pool dyes work on all pool surfaces, including vinyl liners, fiberglass, cement, or gunite.

Pool leak detection dyes often find fissures in a pool’s drain, skimmer, or fittings. Cracks and fissures are sometimes easier to feel than they are to see, so leak detection dye helps identify issues more quickly.

Kingscote Chemicals Bright Dyes® Color Options

When it comes to choosing the right color for your fluorescent dyes, Kingscote Chemicals has you covered. Our tablets, liquids, powders, and wax dyes all come in several color options to help you get the best and most vivid water studies for your pool.

Color options for our Bright Dyes® products include:

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