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The Leak Detective™ Kits


Available in 100, 2-tablet packets with 100 instruction cards

Don’t let your toilet steal your water and your money, instead use toilet leak detection tablets. An invisible, silent leak can cause you to lose hundreds of gallons of water a week. These toilet leak detection tablets are the sneakiest way to catch the world’s largest silent water hog in the act. Buy in bulk for your properties, or as a housewarming gift for your pals. Their water bill will thank you later.


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Toilet Leak Detection Tablet Kits: Conserve Your Community Water Supply!

Believe it or not, your toilet could have a leak that you don’t even know is there. If you start to notice a change in your water bill month after month, it might be time to invest in toilet leak detection tablets. An invisible, silent leak can cause you to lose hundreds of gallons of water a week.
Toilet leak detection tablet kits are the sneakiest way to catch the world’s largest silent water hog in the act. Just a small, invisible toilet leak of two tablespoons a minute turns into 15 gallon per day – 105 gallons per week – 5,460 gallons per year. And that’s not uncommon. Many toilets quietly lose gallons per hour – which equates to dollars per week. So, whether you invest in these toilet leak detection tablet kits as a way to conserve water in your home or if you buy them in bulk to monitor all your properties, you can bet they will pay for themselves when the water bill comes.

Toilet Leak Detection Tablet Kits from Kingscote Chemicals

Water conservation is a major commitment for Kingscote Chemicals and we only offer brands that contribute to our mission. So, when you choose our toilet leak detection tablet kits, you can rest assured you are making an environmentally conscious decision that will benefit you in the long run. All of our toilet leak detection kits are safe, non-toxic, biodegradable and certified NSF Standard 60.

THE LEAK DETECTIVE™ is a vivid, safe, easy way to find out if you have a problem.

Leak Detective™ Toilet Leak Detection Kit:

  • Dye Tablets – (2) NSF Certified toilet leak detection tablets per package. Detailed usage instructions on package
  • Leak Detective™ Kit Instruction Booklet – detailed leak detective instruction booklet showing usage of leak detection tablets, potential sources of leaks as well as other useful water saving ideas.


Custom designed programs and larger quantities available upon request


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Simply drop one toilet leak detection tablet in the toilet tank at least 20 minutes after last use. Wait 20 minutes to discover a leak.

How to know the toilet leak detection kit has found a leak? Look for a blue toilet bowl. Don’t worry, color will leave so quickly after a few flushes that you will almost miss having an aesthetically pleasing toilet bowl.

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Applications for Toilet Leak Detection Kits

The toilet leak detection tablet kits feature food-grade dye that is ideal for use in a variety of applications including:

  • Home bathrooms
  • Public restrooms
  • Apartment complexes
  • Schools

The toilet leak detection kits from Bright Dyes ® are safe to use and can help you prevent toilet leaks from costing you a ton of money. The toilet leak detection tablets are simple to use. Each toilet leak detection kit includes two tablets and detailed instructions to set you up for success.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use Leak Detective™ Toilet Leak Detection Tablets?

  • Wait 15 minutes until you last flushed the toilet. Drop one Leak Detective™ Tablet into the back of your toilet. If there is a leak, then your toilet bowl water will turn blue.

What comes in a Leak Detective™ Kit?

  • In one Leak Detective™ Kit, you will receive 100 Instructional Cards, and 100 Leak Detective Packets. Each Leak Detective Packet has two toilet leak detection tablets in it.

What can I do with a Leak Detective™ Toilet Leak Detection Kit?

  • Staple one Leak Detective™ Packet to an Instructional Card. Sell at your hardware store, give out to tenants at your apartment complex, send out with city newsletters, provide at community fairs and outreach events to teach about water conservation.

Do the Leak Detective™ Tablets stain the toilet bowl?

  • No, Bright Dyes Leak Detective™ Toilet Leak Detection Tablets do not stain the toilet bowl. The color flushes away with the water.

How often should I test my toilet for a leak?

  • Test your toilet twice a year. Toilet leaks are typically silent and toilet leak detection kits can help save you money and conserve water in your home.


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