3 Key Benefits of Adding Leak Tracing Powder to a Water Loop

Effectively monitoring and performing a water study on closed-loop systems, such as cooling towers, has always been a challenge. The active ingredients in many treatment products can taint the water and make it unusable or unsafe. 

Adding leak tracing powder or dyes to closed water loops is a safe and economical way to perform water studies and maintain the highest efficiency level in your industry. While there are many benefits to utilizing leak tracing powder, including its affordability, solubility, and ease of use, some benefits make them the smartest choice for various industries.

Direction and Rate of Flow

In water loop systems, it can sometimes be challenging to continuously monitor and track the direction and rate of water flow through the loop. With fluorescent leak tracing powders, you and your team can safely perform water studies to improve your everyday efficiencies and ensure things continue running smoothly. 

The accuracy of dye testing is generally within a few percentage points of the actual water flow rate within a loop. This makes leak tracing powder an affordable and highly accurate measurement for the direction and rate of water flow within a closed or open loop. 

Unaffected by pH, Absorption, and Photochemical Decay

Bright Dyes® Leak Tracing Powder products are ideal for applications involving large volumes of water, such as cooling towers, lakes, and rivers. They have a moderate dispersion rate and are safe, non-toxic, biodegradable, and certified for ANSI/NSF International Standard 60. Since they are unaffected by pH, absorption, and photochemical decay, they can be used to trace and perform water testing accurately. 

The environmentally friendly nature of water tracing dye powders makes them the ideal solution for all industries and applications where water must remain safe for consumption. 

Leak Tracing Powders are Fluorescent 

Fluorescent leak tracing powders come in various colors to easily contrast the background color of the water loop. Industries choose Bright Dyes® Fluorescent FWT Red Dye and Bright Dyes® FLT Yellow/Green dye in darker spaces because their fluorescent nature has greater apparent contrast than non-fluorescent blue.

Bright Dyes® FLT Yellow/Green is our most popular color and provides a vivid visual contrast in turbid, murky, or brown-colored water. Its fluorescent properties allow use at visual, UV, and fluorometric levels.

Bright Dyes® FWT Red is our second most popular color and provides an excellent visual contrast to bodies of water that have high algae content or are green in color. Its fluorescent properties also allow use at visual, UV, and fluorometric levels.

Find the Right Bright Dyes® Leak Tracing Powders

When performing high-quality, accurate, and affordable water studies on water loops, trust Bright Dyes® from Kingscote Chemicals for colorful, fluorescent solutions that make it easier for you and your team to do your job day in and day out. Learn more about our leak tracing powders and contact us to help you find the exact right solutions for your industry and application.