Light Pewter Steel Finish


Light Pewter will darken steel, steel alloys, “pot” metal, brass and many other metals to various shades of pewter gray. Light Pewter is primarily used to give metal parts an aged, antique appearance. This product may be used as a spray, but the best method of application is immersion. The longer a part is left in the solution, the darker it will become. Most users opt to quick dry the darkened parts and then burnish them before sealing. This process will brighten the high spots and leave the recesses darkened. The result is a natural looking aged, pewter-like finish. If the darkened part is allowed to air dry and oxidize, differing shades of green rust will form. This can produce interesting and attractive finishes, so experimentation is worthwhile. Light Pewter will also darken parts plated with our Copper Plate solution. Different effects are produced on different types of metal as not all metals will react in the same fashion.

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Primary use
  • Darken, and then burnish steel and other metals for an antique pewter appearance.
Secondary use
  • Use either under or over Copper Plate to produce differing antique copper finishes on steel.
Application Method

Clean the metal to be darkened down to bare metal. Either spray onto cleaned metal or immerse clean part in the solution until darkened. Wear latex gloves as this solution will darken skin and finger nails. Dry the darkened part. A fragile rust usually forms, and should be removed with a burnishing wheel or soft cloth. This process may be repeated until the part is as dark as desired. Part should then be rinsed, dried and topcoated. By lightly removing some of the finish from the high spots and leaving the recessed areas dark, a natural looking pewter finish can be produced on most steel alloys.

To achieve an antique copper look on steel, use one of two methods. the part and burnish most of the finish off of the higher areas. Next, either spray on Copper Plate or quickly immerse part in the Copper Plate solution. A dull copper plate will form on the burnished areas, with the recesses left darkened. Rinse the part to remove excess solution, spray with Rust Arrest, rinse again, dry and seal.

The second method is exactly the same procedure, except you should reverse the order of use of the solutions. First plate the part with Copper Plate, burnish off the highlights, then darken with Pewter. This will give you a dull copper background with a darkened copper foreground.

Basic Instructions

Clean the metal. (e.g..Sandblast or grind)
Immerse or spray the metal with the Light Pewter.
The more solution applied to steel the darker the finish.
Rinse steel w/ water.
While steel is wet, spray on Rust Arrest and let it work for at least 15 seconds.
Rinse steel with water.
Immediately, dry steel COMPLETELY with compressed air.
Seal with Metal Finishes PLUS? Matte or Gloss Acrylic Sealer.
View Video Demonstration Light Pewter

What If?
  • Plating peels off – Plating is too thick, immersion or spray time is too long.
  • Plating is pink, not bright – Plating is too thick, immersion or spray time is too long.
  • Part will not plate – Metal being used is not a compatible alloy, or is not steel.
  • White spots or lines appear – Salt residue is present. Rinse part better or use Rust Arrest.
Technical Data

As with all chemicals, wear protective clothing, latex gloves, eye protection and avoid breathing mist. Use adequate ventilation with a chemical respirator when spraying. No known shelf life. VOC is under 250.

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