Gold Rust Oxidizer


Gold Rust instantly begins the rusting process on most types of steel. A multitude of ornamental rust effects can be produced in a relatively short time span, ranging from several minutes to a few hours. The actual difference between the Rust Oxidizers is pretty subtle. Contact time, humidity, alloy temperature etc. determine the final color and texture. This unique formula combines a foundation of copper with the look of rusted steel. With these safe, easy to use formulas, scores of ornamental rust finishes can be created. Simply alter the humidity, temperature or rusting time and alter the final finish.

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Primary use
  • Used to quickly and attractively rust steel and ferrous metals.
Application Method

Each of our Rust Oxidizing solutions produce a slightly different end color of rust. Auburn is the darkest, followed by Gold and then Copper. Whether to clean your steel or not is a matter of preference and taste. Gold Rust will work over light mil plate, but will not rust evenly. In some instances, these results on uncleaned steel are attractive, but in others they are not. For an even, ornamentally attractive rust finish, the part to be treated must first be cleaned down to bare steel, and wiped free of all dirt and oils. When the metal is clean, either spray with Gold Rust until an even, medium-bright plating of copper appears, or immerse the part in the Gold Rust solution for one to two seconds. Avoid a darker pink copper surface as it is usually too thick and tends to peel once the rust begins to develop. Do not rinse off the residual Gold Rust, as it contains the rusting agent. Allow the treated part to air dry and begin to rust naturally. The treated part should now be placed in a high humidity environment and timed to allow promotion of the correct level of rust. An alternate method is to periodically mist the treated part with water until the desired level of rust is achieved. The time required varies according to the level of rust desired, ranging from a matter minutes to one or two days. You do not need to apply the Gold Rust solution more than once. Doing so will slow down the rust process and may cause the rust finish to peel. Once the look you want is reached, rinse the part well in water to remove the residual Rust. Spray the part with Rust Arrest to neutralize, rinse again with water, dry and seal.

Basic Instructions

Clean the metal. (e.g..Sandblast or grind)
Immerse or spray the metal with the Gold Rust Solution.
steel aside without rinsing to start the rusting process.
Once steel dries, continue to mist with water until desired rustic finish is achieved.
Rinse steel with water.
While steel is wet, spray on Rust Arrest and let it work for at least 15 seconds.
Rinse steel with water.
Set aside to let steel dry by itself.
Seal with Metal Finishes PLUS Matte or Gloss Acrylic Sealer.

What If?
  • Nothing happens – The metal you are using is not steel or is covered with mil plate.
  • The finish peels off – You are using too much Insta-Rust, the copper layer is too thick.
  • White areas appear – Usually happens several weeks after the part has been sealed. They are residual salts and sometimes happens if the part is not well rinsed and Rust Arrest is not used.
  • I don’t want to seal it – You don’t have to, but finished parts will continue to rust.
Technical Data

As with all chemicals, wear protective clothing, latex gloves, eye protection and avoid breathing mist. Use adequate ventilation with a chemical respirator when spraying. No known shelf life. VOC is under 250.

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