Gun Metal Blue Steel Finish


This formula works on steel and steel alloys to form various shades of colors ranging from blue to black. The finish is similar in appearance to the results of a traditional hot bluing process, but is done at room temperature. Beautiful blue/black finishes can be created by anyone, safely at room temperature. Simply spray or immerse parts in the Gun Metal Blue solution and watch the finish begin to darken. The process can be stopped at any time by removing the part and rinsing with water. This allows the user to create many different colors along the blue-black range in a matter of seconds.

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Primary use
  • Room temperature ornamental bluing for steel.
Secondary use
  • Tarnish copper and copper alloys.
Application Method

Sand, sandblast, buff, polish or grind the metal to a bare surface before applying the Gun Metal Blue solution. Wear latex gloves if handling the part by hand as finger oils will inhibit darkening. Solution gives best results when part is immersed until the degree of darkening is reached. After immersion, rinse the darkened part in water. A layer of fine, dark rust will form. The part may be immersed again to further darken the metal. Repeat this process until satisfied. Rinse w/water, then spray part with Rust Arrest to neutralize and rinse with water again. Dry the finished part with compressed air. The end result will be a very durable finish in shades ranging from a light copper/purple to a dark blue/black. Our Gun Metal Blue may also be applied by working the solution into the surface of the metal with a scratch brush, green scrubbie or other such abrasive pad. Gun Metal Blue will darken some metals other than steel, and will tarnish copper and copper alloys. The final, burnished finish is a mild rust inhibitor, but will not prevent rust. In order to prevent the part from rusting it must be oiled, waxed or coated with our acrylic gloss or matte sealer.

Basic Instructions

Clean the metal. (e.g..Sandblast or grind)
Immerse or spray the metal with the Gun Metal Blue.
The more solution applied to steel the darker the finish.
Rinse steel w/ water.
While steel is wet, spray on Rust Arrest and let it work for at least 15 seconds.
Rinse steel with water.
Immediately, dry steel COMPLETELY with compressed air.
Seal with Metal Finishes PLUS? Matte or Gloss Acrylic Sealer.
View Video Demonstration Gun Metal Blue

What If?
  • A green rust forms – Remove with a soft cloth. May also be left undisturbed, then topcoated for a color variation.
Technical Data

As with all chemicals, wear protective clothing, latex gloves, eye protection and avoid breathing mist. Use adequate ventilation with a chemical respirator when spraying. No known shelf life. VOC is under 250.

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