Aqua Blue Oxidizer


Aqua Blue is designed for use on copper, brass, bronze, and our metallic coatings. Aqua Blue reactions produce various shades of milky blues that are so familiar with slightly aged copper, brass,and bronze. This solution can be applied directly onto metal alloys, or onto the final, tacky coat of one of our metallic coatings. On metal alloys, Aqua Blue will react to form shades of milky blue and light blue. When applied to one of our Metallic Coatings, the colors are determined by the coating being used, though they tend toward a variety of light blues. Regardless of the medium being used, colors may be altered with water mists or by subjecting the parts to high humidity for various periods of time.

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Primary use
  • Patinas copper, brass, bronze and our Metallic Coatings to shades of green, blue and blue/green.
Secondary use
  • Will ornamentally rust steel and ferrous metals. Also may be used to rust our Steel Coating. User will discover many other uses with experimentation.
Application Method

By patina oxidizer, we mean any solution that will chemically oxidize or patina copper and it’s alloys. This usually results in shades of blue, green, blue/green, but may include milky white, purples and others. Some of the most common forms of application include immersion, spraying, splattering, brushing, dripping, or sponging the patina solution onto the part being colored. After a patina has formed, the color may be altered by with water or by applying another patina oxidizer solution over it.

Because there are so many different alloys of copper, and the application methods and uses of the patina oxidizers are so diverse, it is difficult to say with any certainty what colors will be produced by which patina oxidizer. Ranked in order of their strength, Patina, Verde Green and Aqua Blue work best on copper and copper alloys and our metallic coatings. These usually develop into light blues all the way to dark blue-greens, with patina the darkest and Aqua Blue the lightest. All of these oxidizers may be mixed together to form custom blends for your individual uses.

Application on Metallic Coatings

All five of these oxidizers can be used on top of our metallic coatings to produce patina effects. Once again, you may uses any method that allows the patina oxidizer to come into contact with the metallic coating. As a general rule, the patina oxidizer is applied to the metallic coating on top of the final coat of coating, while that final coat is still damp.

Technical Data

As with all chemicals, wear protective clothing, latex gloves, eye protection and avoid breathing mist. Use adequate ventilation with a chemical respirator when spraying. No known shelf life. VOC is under 250.

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