How to Connect with Residents Who Have High Water Bills

As a city water department, it is your job to ensure your community residents are being responsible homeowners and feel supported by your department. You understand that the individuals within your city work hard for their money and they deserve to know their money is being well spent. As part of the local community, it is your duty to improve water efficiency and help residents save time and money. And luckily for you, it doesn’t have to be difficult to connect with residents to find ways to lower their water bills, conserve water, and improve your efforts overall. Consider implementing some of the strategies below into your city water department and see the difference that just a few small changes can make.

3 Ways to Connect with Residents About Their Water Bills

One of the most common phone calls city water departments receive is about the cost of water bills. High water bills are a nuisance for homeowners and what they don’t often realize is that it could mean there is a bigger problem at hand. Use these suggestions to connect with residents who have high water bills:

  • Send Leak Detective Kits – Many city water departments send out quarterly newsletters to keep residents informed on any changes or updates. Consider sending leak detective kits from Kingscote Chemicals to help residents identity any potential issues with their toilets at home. Another option is to offer these kits to any residents who call to complain or question high water bills. It shows you are taking initiative to help them identify the problem and can result in lower water waste within their home.
  • Supplement Your Efforts – Many city water departments have limited resources when it comes to house calls. So, if you experience a high volume of calls about high water bills, it might be best to offer leak detection kits as a simple alternative to sending out your team. Not only will this save you on labor costs, but it might help solve problems for homeowners that they didn’t even realize they had within their homes.
  • Motivate Your Community – Water conservation efforts continue to grow around the country. Do your part within your community by helping homeowners proactively check for leaks they don’t even know about. Leak detection kits can identify silent leaks within toilets, ones that often go unidentified and waste gallons upon gallons of water each year.

Your community is your home. Conserving water and encouraging your residents to do the same is important. Water conservation efforts help to keep water pure and clean while also protecting the environment. By using water supplies wisely and responsibly, your community can do its part to save the world for future generations. Educate the community on how simple changes, like identifying toilet leaks, can help save water and make a huge difference.