What are the Benefits to Smoke Testing With a Generator and Liquid Smoke Can?

No matter the application, making smoke testing operations safe, efficient and effective is key. You need consistency with every job, especially when it comes to testing the integrity of drains and pipe work. With the right combination of smoke generators and liquid smoke drain tests, you can easily find the sources of odors, find plumbing faults and test newly installed plumbing for leaks.

And while you may be familiar with using smoke generators for such applications, you are also probably familiar with the frustration involved when you don’t get a consistent outpouring of white smoke. Voluminous white smoke is the key to identifying issues and you need to do everything in your power to keep a continuous uninterrupted smoke production.

The Better Way to Test Pipelines: Liquid Smoke Drain Tests

Have you ever been on-the-job and tried to keep your smoke generator pumping smoke by using garden sprayers or smoke bombs? If so, then you probably know how stressful and frustrating it can be. Turbo-Fog understands the problem and came up with a solution that prevents gaps in the smoke-flow and ensures a continuous voluminous white smoke for as long as you need it. Not only do the Turbo-Fog M-45 generators allow for quick and easy replacement of cartridges during a job, but they are also designed to work in tandem with Turbo-Fog liquid Smoke-Agents.

What are the benefits of using a Smoke-Agent liquid smoke drain tests instead of a garden sprayer or smoke bomb?

  • Spill proof design
  • A constant flow of pressure
  • Less oil waste
  • Dense, more voluminous uninterrupted white smoke flow
  • No residual stains and no effect on plants or animals

Plus, Smoke-Agent Thermal Aerosol liquids are specifically designed for use with Turbo-Fog lightweight smoke generators, making them a perfect fit. They can easily be adjusted for any required volume or density and can be repeatedly turned off and on throughout a smoke test.

You’d be shocked by how many service professionals waste time wrestling with smoke bombs and garden sprayers when all they need is a Smoke-Agent liquid smoke can to get every job done efficiently, effectively and safely. Make the smart choice and switch to Turbo-Fog for your liquid smoke drain tests.