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Toss & Go™ Water Soluble Packets


Available in 4-pack and 20-pack units. Color options include: Blue, Blue/Green, Blue/Black, and Black.

Tropical Shade® Toss and Go™ are convenient pre-measured water soluble packets designed to enhance lakes, fountains and ponds with an attractive natural tropical blue color. Each Tropical Shade® Toss and Go™ water soluble packet will color approximately 1 acre foot (325,000 gallons of water).


Toss and Go™ is a specifically formulated dye that is environmentally safe, non-toxic, bio-degradable and has been certified by NSF International to the ANSI/ NSF Standard 60. When used in the proper dilutions Tropical Shade® Toss and Go™ is harmless to wildlife.


The Tropical Shade® Toss and Go™ water soluble film will dissolve in 5 – 10 minutes and is safe for the environment.

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1 acre-ft. (325,000 gallons) – 1 Tropical Shade® Toss and Go™ packet

4 acre-ft. (1,300,000 gallons) – 4 Tropical Shade® Toss and Go™ packet

6 acre-ft. (1,950,000 gallons) – 6 Tropical Shade® Toss and Go™ packet


1. Remove the dye packet from sealed bag using gloved hand, toss into the desired body of water.

2. Space packets evenly and repeat until desired color is achieved.

3. Additional Toss and Go™ packets may be needed to maintain desired color following dilution or water exchange.

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4 pack, 20 pack


Blue, Blue/Green, Blue/Black, Black


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